Beyblade Burst Rise Season 04 All Episodes Download In Hd In 720P [480P, 720p, 1080P]

Beyblade Burst Rise Season 04 All Images In Hd

Synopsis :- Beyblade Burst Rise,[1] known in Japan as Beyblade Burst GT (Gachi), Beiburēdo Bāsuto Gachi) is a 2019-2020 original net animation series released on the CoroCoro and Takara Tomy YouTube channels. It serves as the fourth season of Beyblade Burst and the first ONA of the Beyblade franchise. The Japanese release of this season has 52 episodes and the international release has 26 episodes.


SERIES NAME :- Beyblade Burst Rise

SEASON NO. :- 04



RELEASE YEAR :- April 04, 2019


GENRE :- Action, Adventure, Animation

QUALITY :- 720P/ 1080P

LANGUAGE :- English

SIZE :- 150-200 MB

RUNNING TIME :- 22 Min Each Episode

Beyblade Burst Rise Season 04 All Images In 720p

BeyBlade Burst Rise Season 04 Episodes In 720P/1080P

[ Season 04 Episode List ]

Episode 01:- Time to Get Serious! Ace Dragon!” / Ace Dragon! On the Rise!

Episode 02:- Keep on Going! Bushin Ashura!” / Lookin’ Awesome! Bushin Ashindra!

Episode 03:- Seer-iously!? Wizard Fafnir!” / Abracadabra! Wizard Fafnir!

Episode 04:- The Fiery Grand Dragon!” / From the Flames! Glyph Dragon!

Episode 05:- Dragon Vs Fafnir!

Episode 06:- Explosive Speed! Grand Beat!” / Explosive Speed! Glyph Strike!

Episode 07:- Valt, I Challenge You!” / Inspiration! Challenging Valt!

Episode 08:- The Exciting Bey Carnival!” / Get Hype! Bey Carnival!

Episode 09:- All-In! Judgement Joker!” /

Episode 10:- It’s a Gatinko Battle in The Best Four!” / Rising Battles! Semifinals!

Episode 11:- Serious vs. Tricks!” / The Final Hand!

Episode 12:- Heavy Steel! Zwei Longinus!” / Heavy Steel! Zone Lúinor!

Episode 13:- I’ve Got This! Go, Shoot!” / Bey Carnival! Epic Final!

Episode 14:- Serious Burst! Gold Turbo!” / Rise and Shine! Hyper-Flux!

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Episode 15:- Drum vs Delta!” / Dante vs Delta!

Episode 16:- Bey of The Devil! Devolos!” / The Demon Bey! Devolos!

Episode 17:- Fly, Heaven Pegasus!” / Flying High! Harmony Pegasus!

Episode 18:- The Most Sinister Art! Dread Bahamut!” / Dangerous Art! Dusk Balkesh!

Episode 19:- Flash! Shining Cross!” / Flash of Light! Shining Crux!

Episode 20:- Airhead vs God’s Child!” / Dante vs Pheng!

Episode 21:- Battle in The Sky!” / Battle in the Skies!

Episode 22:- The Emerging Six! Battle Journey!” / Showdown at Battle Island!

Episode 23:- Spin! Battle! Win!” / Spin! Advance! Survive!

Episode 24:- Clash in The GT 3!” / Stand-off! Pheng vs Delta!

Episode 25:- A Challenge to Aiga!” / The Final Stage! Facing Aiger!

Episode 26:- It’s Serious! Drum vs Aiga!” / Rise Up! Dante vs Aiger!

Maybe Coming Soon…….

Episode 27:- Shine! My Gold Turbo!” / Shining Bright! Hyper-Flux!

Episode 28:- Super Z! Aiga vs Delta!” / Turbo Battle! Aiger vs Delta!

Episode 29:- Assault! King of Hell – Arthur!” / Invasion! The New King!

Episode 30:- The Bey of Demise! Apocalypse!” / Bey of Annihilation! Apocalypse!

Episode 31:- Serious Birth! Imperial Dragon!” / Rebirth! Command Dragon!

Episode 32:- Battle at Hell Tower!” / Battle at the Infernal Tower!

Episode 33:- Genesis Activates!!” / Genesis in Motion!

Episode 34:- Diabolos’ Counterattack!!” / Devolos’ Revenge!

Episode 35:- Dragon vs Apocalypse!” / Dragon vs Apocalypse!

Episode 36:- Can It Be Broken!? The Infinite Lock System!” / Put to The Test! Unburstable Bey!

Episode 37:- Dragon vs Genesis!” /

Episode 38:- Aurora! Superior Turbo!” / Aurora! Superior-Flux!

Episode 39:- Revive! Diabolos!” / Rebirth! Master Devolos!

Episode 40:- Shine! Master Smash!” / Burning Bright! Master Smash!

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Episode 41:- Creation of The World! Big Bang Genesis!” / Ultimate Creation! Eclipse Genesis!

Episode 42:- Super Speed! Super Spinning! Super Attack!” / Hyper Training! Exhibition Match!

Episode 43:- Shine, Ashura!” / Shining Ashindra!

Episode 44:- A Serious Showdown! wbba. VS HELL!” / Rising Battles! Victories vs Inferno!

Episode 45:- Dragon’s Ultimate Awakening!” / Dragon’s Ultimate Awakening!

Episode 46:- The Pitch Black Dread Gyro!” / Pitch Black! Dusk Gyro!

Episode 47:- A Seriously Intense Tag Battle!” / Rising Ferocity! Tag Battle!

Episode 48:- The Strongest Equation” / The Flawless Equation!

Episode 49:- The Greatest Tag Battle!” / The Greatest Tag Battle Ever!

Episode 50:- We Are the Victories!

Episode 51:- A Serious Friendship! Master Dragon!” / Rising Friendship! Master Dragon!

Episode 52:- It’s Serious! Drum vs Gwyn!” / Rise Up! Dante vs Gwyn!


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