Is Betting Legal in Canada?

The answer to this question is yes, betting is legal in Canada. You can take part in parlay betting in Canada with no problem, but in recent times, the government has also legalized single-game sports betting in the country. So, you can also enjoy betting in a single game on various online betting platforms, such as 22Bet best sportsbook in Canada. Here are some important points you need to know about the legality of betting in Canada:

  • Single-game Sports Betting is Legal in Canada

In Canada, single-game sports betting just got approved by the Canadian senate in August 2021 as a legal betting activity. It will become a part of the sports industry in Canada, which includes the marketing and media coverage in the country. The single-game sports betting will also bring additional income from betting and other gambling activities in Canada, and it might also help stop the use of illegal betting websites from offshore countries.

The legality for single-game sports betting in Canada got covered in Bill C-218, and it will give the country the estimated revenue of USD $4 billion. COVID-19 pandemic situations can also help increase the revenue potential, as people will prefer to bet via online sports betting platforms in Canada while staying at home.

  • Betting in Canada is Legal Only in Specific Provinces

Betting rules in Canada will vary from province to province. Before single-game sports betting becomes legal, Canadian people can only bet on parlays. This is something that puts them at a disadvantage, as they can’t enjoy the same betting mechanisms as they are available in the United States. However, with Bill C-218, Canadian people can now bet on single-game sports betting, which allows them to bet on the outcome of a single sports match.

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However, the current betting rules will still apply, as the new betting rules are still quite new in Canada. Each province will have their own regulations regarding betting in Canada, and so far, the provinces that are most open to betting activities are Ontario and Alberta. These provinces have licensed some official betting operators, such as PointsBet and TheScore.

  • Some Provinces in Canada with Legal Online Sports Betting

Today, there are some provinces in Canada where online sports betting is legal. So, citizens of Canada can take part in online sports betting if they live in these provinces. The provinces in Canada where sports betting is legal include British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan, and Quebec.

Be sure to check your province’s betting laws and regulations to find out more detailed information regarding betting activities in your province. Remember, the online betting laws and regulations will differ from province to province, so you need to follow the rules of your respective province when you take part in any online sports betting activities in Canada.


Betting is legal in Canada. However, only a few select provinces have their own betting rules and regulations in the country. Parlay betting has already been legal in Canada for quite some time. However, single-game sports betting has become legal only in recent times, since August 2021. Not all provinces are yet to follow the new regulations. You can check the updated betting laws and regulations in your respective Canadian province on their official website.

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