End of Career: The Best Bruce Willis Movies

Bruce Willis is ending his career for health reasons. And while his illness isn’t fatal, we decided to draw some kind of line and take another look at the best Bruce Willis movies he’s starred in during his acting career.

Pulp Fiction

This movie has become an inspiration for software providers at 22Bet. It’s directed by Quentin Tarantino and is divided into several novellas, whose plots begin independently of each other to merge into a single picture at the end. Bruce Willis was originally considered for the role of Vincent Vega. But that role went to John Travolta.

The Sixth Sense

It will be a story about a boy who from birth has a gift to see the ghosts of the deceased, which scares him a lot. Soon the boy is introduced to a shrinking uncle who goes to great lengths to help the boy.

The Fifth Element

A fantastic story about a certain universal evil that decided to destroy our mortal planet. It takes place in the distant future where the aliens come to our aid with a perfect creature that, alas, could not save our planet, if it were not for a simple cab driver, a former warrior, who comes to the aid of the perfect being.

Lucky Number Slevin

At the center of this movie is a guy whose family was killed as a child by an assassin. The boy grows up and takes revenge on those who hired the hit man to destroy his family. The same hitman who once didn’t kill the kid, just took him away somewhere.

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Die Hard

The same cult movie that launched Bruce Willis’ career as a feature film actor and action hero. Despite the fact that Bruce looks little like a jock-superman, he looks quite appropriate in pictures of such a genre.

So, New York policeman John McClane arrives in Los Angeles to celebrate Christmas with his wife, and shows up at her company’s corporate party at the invitation of one of the skyscrapers, which just decide to take the terrorists. Willis happens to not be in the main hall during the hijacking.

Sin City

A movie adaptation of four Frank Miller comic books from the series of the same name. The action takes place in the fictional city of Basin City. The first story revolves around a homicidal maniac, the second tells the story of a street thug who someone wanted to set up, the third tells the story of how a showdown between prostitutes and mafia should take place in a normal town, the fourth proves that even in such a corrupted hellhole there are clean cops.

Die Hard 2

The sequel to the first movie, in which the husband, the same cop from New York, John McClane, who has become a policeman in Los Angeles, is waiting for his wife to come back from a business trip. This time, terrorists have taken over the entire airport. And only he can save the passengers of the planes circling the skies, as well as the passengers in the waiting rooms.


An asteroid of enormous size is approaching the Earth. If it crashes into the planet, all life on it will come to an end. NASA develops a plan to send a couple of teams of drillers to the celestial body, who, after drilling a hole in it, will put a nuclear charge in it and blow this deadly space object to hell.

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12 Monkeys

In the near future, all of humanity will be wiped out by a deadly virus, once dispersed into the atmosphere by terrorists of the Army of the Twelve Monkeys. By means of a time machine, the remaining and living humanity in an underground city sends the hero Bruce Willis back in time to prevent the catastrophe.

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